El Cristo de Holy Family Catholic Church, en Florida, un nuevo reto para GRANDA GRANDA

A new challenge for GRANDA

The Holy Family Church in Jacksonville, Florida (USA), needed a large crucifix for the chancel. Not any sculpture would do. The face of Christ had to reflect the joy of having fulfilled the Father's will. This is what the customer specified: he wanted it to display that 'Jesus had given everything; he couldn't give any more; although nailed to the cross, Jesus is alone and fully satisfied for having fulfilled his Father's will'.

GRANDA immediately got to work. After several sketches, a strong artistic composition was put together, free from any stiffness in the features. This is the result.

  • Talleres de Arte Granda, S.A.
    Reducción de capital y simultáneo aumento de capital

    De acuerdo con lo previsto en los artículos 319 y 304 y siguientes de la Ley de Sociedades de Capital, se hace público que en la Junta General Ordinaria y Extraordinaria de Accionistas de “Talleres de Arte Granda, S.A.” celebrada el día 8 de abril de 2014, se acordaron, por unanimidad de los asistentes que suponían más del 50% del capital social, los siguientes acuerdos:

    Acuerdos Junta General Ordinaria y Extraordinaria
  • Trasladamos nuestro punto de venta de Madrid

    We moved our POS Madrid

    The store of Granda Liturgical Arts is moved to the Headquarters in Alcalá de Henares: 91 802 36 55 granda@granda.com Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 p.m

  • feliz Navidad llena de Luz, de fe y de Belleza

    We wish you a Christmas full of Light, Faith and Beauty

    'Then, that luminous night, that silent night, became a night of Love'

    H. H. Francis

  • Así será el nuevo retablo de la Catedral de San Felipe Apóstol, en Puerto Rico

    The new altarpiece for the Cathedral of St. Philip the Apostle, in Puerto Rico

    The GRANDA Projects department has prepared the first draft of what will be the new altarpiece of the Cathedral of St. Philip the Apostle in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, which will measure 11 m. wide x 14 m. tall.

  • El lienzo del Teatro de la Comedia vuelve a su lugar de origen

    The painting of Teatro de la Comedia has returned to its place of origin

    On the night of April 18, 1915, a short circuit caused a fire at the Teatro de la Comedia (Comedy Theatre) in Madrid. The entire interior was destroyed and was rebuilt. Above the stalls, a large 17 x 12 m canvas was installed on the ceiling, representing the Muses. Almost one century later, the painting has been restored for the first time since it was created, by GRANDA.

  • II Congreso Internacional 'La arquitectura al servicio de la liturgia'

    II International Conference 'Architecture in the service of the liturgy'

    On October 7th and 8th, the Second International Congress of Madrid 'Architecture at the service of the Liturgy' took place. Organized by the Felix Granda Foundation in collaboration with the San Juan Foundation, the Congress promoted the dialogue between liturgy, Christian art and the architecture of spaces of worship. Among the speakers participated Monsignor Ribeiro from the Congregation for Divine Worship, Professor Javier Castanon and Dr. Denis McNamara.

  • La nueva capilla de la cadena COPE

    The new chapel at COPE

    After five months of work, the COPE headquarters finally has a new chapel, the restoration work on which has been conducted by the GRANDA project team. The intention was to gain space, light and create an atmosphere that would encourage meditation as well as to provide the chapel with a sacristy. The first major step was to change the distribution of the spacing and orientation of the altar. A large window with two panels, representing the Annunciation, has been placed as an altarpiece in the new sanctuary.

  • Remodelación de la capilla San Gabriel Arcángel

    Remodeling of Saint Gabriel the Archangel Chapel

    GRANDA has just finished remodeling (the renovation of) the Parish of Saint Gabriel the Archangel in Madrid. The project involved the expansion of the Blessed Sacrament chapel, the creation of a children's chapel that is symmetrical to the former one and the extension of the choir by means of a wooden structure covering both chapels.

  • Los Doce Apóstoles de St Mary's Cathedral de Sydney llegan a Australia

    The Twelve Apostles of St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney

    The sculptures by GRANDA for St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney have already been installed on the main altar, occupying the sixteen spaces that have remained vacant for more than 130 years. These are sixteen hand-carved, wooden, polychrome sculptures that are over three feet tall, representing the apostles, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Paul, Elijah and Moses.

  • "Mente abierta, corazón creyente", el nuevo libro del Papa Francisco

    "Open mind, believing heart", the new book by Pope Francis

    After the excellent response to the book "True Power is Service" (third edition in two weeks), the Catholic publishing house Publicaciones Claretianas will launch the second title by Pope Francis. The edition of this work for Spain has been prefaced by the Secretary General and spokesman of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, Bishop Martinez Camino.

  • El nuevo interior de la catedral St. Stephen

    The new interior of St. Stephen

    GRANDA has just completed the restoration of the interior of St. Stephen Catedral in Owensboro, Kentucky, U.S.A. The aim of GRANDA was to endow the building with the beauty and majesty worthy of a cathedral whilst maintaining the building's integrity. Numerous reforms were necessary, involving the restructuring of the space and the creation of new decorative elements, such as altar pieces, ambo, sanctuary, decoration of the doors and new lighting, imbuing the temple with solemnity.

  • JMJ 2011 Madrid

    Granda participated in WYD 2011 in Madrid

    Granda made 35,000 textile objects for WYD 2011. As well as His Holiness’ clothes, Granda made a total of 16,000 chasubles and stoles for priests, bishops and cardinals, it also made the prelate’s mitres and albs, organising the Episcopal Vestry and helping them cover. 45 kilometres of fabric were used and 400,000 working hours were needed.

  • Servicio integral para la basílica de Mongomo

    Comprehensive Service for the Basilica of Mongomo

    The inauguration of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception of Mongomo has been a very important event in Equatorial Guinea, attended by every ecclesiastical and political authority of the country. Granda has participated offering a comprehensive service, which ranged from making over four hundred chasubles, as well as standards, vestments and linen and other liturgical objects.

  • Trabajo bien hecho

    The importance of laudable work

    "Those objects that are in immediate contact with the most holy Body of Christ must be subject to our utmost care. Thus, let us offer God, as way of expressing our love and in compliance of His control, our most precious belongings; and if we are poor, lets offer a poor gift; but let every object aimed at His cult, either made of rich or poor materials, be an expression of the sacrifice of praise."

    Father Félix Granda y Buylla. Talleres de Arte, Madrid, 1910