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Project Department

Our history, our new designs

Part of the works created in our workshops are already part of history. The temples of San Juan Real Oviedo, the church of the Sacred Heart of Queen in Havana (Cuba) or the Madrid Seminar are clear examples of the concern of Don Felix Granda for the total consistency of the work that is created for each temple.

Faithful followers of his teachings, GRANDA continues being developed today works of great beauty, combining the tradition of craftsmanship with the new technologies in order to carry out the projects with greater efficiency, without sacrificing quality and personality to the desired design by the customer.

Exclusive design

The high qualification of the team from the Department of projects, the experience, and the domain of the artisanal techniques and the international projection of GRANDA allow a total versatility when the time comes to undertake any type of project. In this way, the customer has the possibility to realize their own ideas, ensure that you get, in addition the possessing of a unique piece in the world.

Our client base extends to all points of the world, from Japan to Africa, from the United States to Poland. This global market forces us to adapt to the cultural and devotional particularities of the parishioners of the five continents.

In GRANDA each request is treated individually and each creation development is a unique piece of art.

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Comprehensive projects

GRANDA is ready to address the design and production of all types of religious and liturgical objects, participating in the development of all aspects related to the architecture and interior decoration with any kind of work.

The projects are carried out by a highly qualified multi-disciplinary team consisting of artists, engineers, architects, craftsmen, designers, historians, documentalists and designers capable of conducting any type of comprehensive project.

The complexity of the objects that are fitted to the spaces of a temple, both of worship as functional, and the diversity of artistic languages that can be used in its construction, it requires the intervention of companies that have a solid infrastructure, with experience in the documentation and important archival funds and models. This is the case of GRANDA, guarded with funds from over 120 years ago and a number close to 40,000 objects, you can successfully deal with this important and demanding task.

Oratory, Guatemala
Siervas de Jesús, Zaragoza

Special objets

GRANDA is able to incorporate all kinds of materials and techniques, including the latest technology to any work. This is the manner used for marble and all kinds of stone materials, stained glass windows and glass, foundries of large format, mosaics, ceramics, etc., achieving the goal of creating the most innovative designs with the most acvant-garde creators.

Given the wide range of services that GRANDA offers, one of the main focuses is the Department of Conservation and Restoration, it is possible to rescue appropriate historical material and integrate it into new projects, returning the usefulness and dignity to these patrimonial parts and enhancing the spaces created.

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