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Bordado detalle

Vestments and linen

Artistic tecniques

In 1891, Felix Granda Buylla, priest and artist, founded a company to carry out his life’s mission: to create art in the service of faith, where beauty spoke directly to the hearts of men. The pillars on which he based the Art Workshops of Granda were high-quality arts and crafts creation, theological rigor and the constant search of beauty, which have also been the basis of the work done in Los Rosales for more than half a century.

Papa Benedicto XXVI


We use high-quality traditional materials such as silk and natural linen to manufacture the textile vestments and gold thread, pearls, sequins and precious stones to decorate them. Also incorporated are the technological innovation of synthetic materials with first-rate use and maintenance properties.

The excellence of the fabrics made exclusively for Los Rosales is visible in their designs, inspired by historical compositional schemes from Medieval to Renaissance and Baroque Spanish art. They hold symbolic meanings assimilated by the Church throughout the centuries, such as the medieval interlacing arabesques which express the divine order or the tangent circles holding cruciform motifs inspired by Coptic iconography. Above all are our exclusive woven damasks designed after the Renaissance curvy vertical branches enclosing the primal symbol of the pomegranate or later derivations such as flowers, cruciform motifs, and others...

Bordado a mano
Bordado a mano

Hand embroidery

Los Rosales specializes in the art of embroidery to decorate their liturgical pieces designed and created according to the customers’ wishes. The motifs are inspired by the style of Spanish secular embroidery of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, when this art reached its peak.

The work of creation starts shaping the project into a drawing, and then transferring it to the fabric, which has been perfectly tensioned in a frame in order to centre the embroidery. Then, the ornament shapes are cut out of rich silks and metalized textiles, glued on the back and applied to the base fabric. Finally the appliquéd are contoured with a laid gold thread and couched, forming stitch by stitch, the pictorial element.

Bordado matizado
Bordado matizado


The Workshop of Los Rosales is one of the few in the world to master hand embroidery shading with silk threads. This difficult technique of Oriental origin consists of tracing the design onto the base fabric, laying silk threads to cover the forms with excellent manual dexterity and color sensitivity, so that, once applied and fixed, they faithfully reproduce volume and light with stitches resembling brush strokes.