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Restauración de sillería

Restoration Department

GRANDA’S commitment to art does not stop at its creation, but includes the preservation and conservation of our Historical and Artistic Heritage, particularly that related to the Church.

GRANDA’s extensive experience in traditional craftsmanship is a unique tool that our Restoration Department uses in its work. This knowledge is applied to each and every piece that we work on, enabling us to examine it not just from an academic viewpoint, but also from a technical perspective, affording us an incomparable advantage when it comes to deciding upon the most appropriate way to intervene in each case. Our workshops are also equipped to produce high-quality, precise replicas, when the restoration in question so requires.

The services of the Restoration Department also include preventive conservation studies, designed to permit the correct conservation of art heritage, and hence avoid the need for restoration work.

Cristo de las Batallas

Our Restoration Department was created in 1999. It works on all kinds of objects of art, regardless of their size, or the artistic technique or materials used, always seeking to restore and conserve the original piece, and complying with the legislation that regulates this activity, depending on the country in which our work is carried out. In Spain, the Granda Restoration Department has obtained the Level 5 N5D classification, which enables it to undertake public concession projects. Its prestigious clientele notably includes, the Castilla y Leon Regional Government, the Extremadura Regional Government, and the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Patrimonio Nacional (Spanish National Heritage).

Restauración de la custodia de Toledo, paso a paso

Presentamos unas imágenes que resumen los siete meses de la intervención de GRANDA en la custodia de la Catedral de Toledo. Esta grabación, que presenta de forma sintética todo el proceso, ha captado la esencia del trabajo realizado en el taller equipado dentro de la propia Catedral.

The Department’s work involves both Preventive Conservation and Restoration and it is made up of a multidisciplinary team of experts— restorers, art historians, chemists, architects, designers, cabinetmakers and carpenters and silversmiths specialised in restoration work—, all of who are committed to performing their work with all of the technical and scientific guarantees that the task demands.

In the case of large works of art which cannot, or ideally should not, be transported to our workshops, they perform their restoration work in situ, using any technological resources and materials that may be necessary in order to complete it. The department also provides other services to supplement the restoration process, such as the preparation of works of art for transportation, the creation of supports and exhibition and protection resources to explain the restoration process and ensure the full appreciation of the restored asset, as well as public programmes to guarantee the accessibility of the works of art on which it is working.

Restauración de talla
Restauración de pintura