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Our purpose

“To create art imbued with the scent of Christ, saturated with elements from the past, vibrant with the spirit of the Bible; art that is alive because it is rooted in tradition and, drawing from the past, attends to the needs of the present.” Felix Granda y Buylla, “Talleres de Arte”, Madrid, 1911.

With these words, Fr. Felix Granda, founder of Talleres de Arte GRANDA, began a chapter in our first ever Catalogue, which he so eloquently titled My Purpose.

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In this first Catalogue he expressed the core ideas that were the bases upon which he built the business – ideas that still today constitute the core of our mission and values: Passion, Excellence and Art.


Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in the introduction to his book “The Spirit of the Liturgy” expresses the thought that sacred art is always a gift freely received as an inspiration, it being the fruit of contemplative faith.


“An endeavor that begins at the very origins; to drink from the springs that inspired Christian art in its most glorious moments, and all this, felt and executed with meticulous research and study. This is what I have set out to accomplish with my personal effort and what I expect to be accomplished by the artists and craftsmen who work in this studio.” Fr. Felix Granda y Buylla, “Talleres de Arte”, Madrid, 1910.


“Art must become a language capable to speak of and to teach about Christ; not to teach ourselves and much less to boast about our prowess and vanity.” Fr. Felix Granda y Buylla, Talleres de Arte, Madrid, 1910.